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Alexandrite Aromas

Honey and Bergamot - Vogue Candle

Honey and Bergamot - Vogue Candle

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As the nights draw in and Autumn approaches, allow the inviting aroma of Honey and Bergamot to fill every corner of the room.

Honey and Bergamot is a comforting blend of toffee, warm honey and Brazilian orange atop a base of bergamot, to create a cozy, blissful fragrance.

Available in three sizes, the Vogue Candle embodies style, with its sleek finish and rounded bottom. We recommend placing a Small Vogue Candle in a small to medium-sized room, a Large Vogue Candle in a medium to large-sized room, and an XL Vogue Candle in a spacious room such as an open plan kitchen and dining room, to enjoy maximum scent.

General Information

Burn Time  

35hrs Approx.

*Please note wax melt burn times are approximate and may vary depending on the fragrance.

Vegan Friendly  Yes
Cruelty-Free Yes
Phthalate-Free Does not contain any Silicon or Parabens

CLP Information

Contains: Exaltolide, Linalyl Acetate, NEROLEX (SRS) NEROL 900 (BBA), citronellol, linalool, pinenes.

Warning: May produce an allergic reaction, may cause an allergic skin reaction

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