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Geranium and Eucalyptus - Candle Refill

Geranium and Eucalyptus - Candle Refill

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Instead of throwing away your candle jar, when your candle has finished, wouldn't it be nice to be able to refill it?

Experience the calming and refreshing aromas of Geranium and Eucalyptus...

...a soothing blend of sweet orange, mandarin, rosemary, and lavender, combined with grounding notes of cedar wood, vetiver, and patchouli to melt away the stress of the day and leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

When your candle is finished, all you have to do is wash any residual wax out of your candle jar with warm soapy water. Put the leftover wax in the general waste bin, and leave your candle jar to dry. Once your candle jar is dry, slide your candle refill into the jar. Light as normal and enjoy. It's as easy as that!

Please note 1) Our candle refills have been specifically designed for use in all refillable candle jars stocked by Alexandrite Aromas. 2). This is a candle refill, and not suitable to be burned without a candle jar. 3) Candle Jar not included.

Product Information

Vegan Friendly






CLP Information

Contains: Eucalyptol, Linalyl acetate.

Warning: May produce an allergic reaction.May cause an allergic skin reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects. Avoid breathing vapour or dust.  Avoid release to the environment.  Wear protective gloves.  

IF ON SKIN:  Wash with plenty of soap and water.  If skin irritation or rash occurs:  Get medical advice/attention.

Dispose of contents/containers to an approved disposal site in accordance with local regulations.

Burn Time

Coming soon.

Type of Wax

Soy Blend

*This wax is primarily made up of natural soybean and blended with smaller portions sustainably sourced, certified palm wax, premium-grade paraffin wax, and a unique plant-based additive.


When you light your candle, you should burn it for three to four hours. This is to ensure that the wax melts evenly to the edge of the jar, to prevent problems such as tunnelling.

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